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Memories in the Dust

 My age is a secret
but I am very very old,
and several are the faces,
steps an secrets
I carry in my longish memory

On my right side rests peacefully
the wide pastures,
where the cows used to graze.
On my left side stands
the house where once
a little girl lived.

I remember happily
the feeling of her bare feet
when she walked
in my dust and gravel.

I loved the sound
of whinning horses
and clattering hooves,
when she rode her bike
along the ditchside.

I remember the tickling
creak from her felt-boots,
when she singing walked
with the milk can
over my snow dressed hill.

I cry at the memory
of a braking car
and the girl's tears
in my grey dry dust,
when she found a beloved
soft four-footed friend,
still and cold,
at my one side.

My memory is longish
and rich.
I accommodate between east and west.
The one who looks for me
and listen carefully,
will find that my memory
is very very sharp.


  Copyright  2011  Maria Kimdal