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This album contains eight songs with lyrics based on eight texts by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. In 2005 I composed music for these verses, and upon hearing the final result, a friend of mine suggested and encouraged a collaboration with Mick Arrow, to record the songs in his studio.

    Mick not only accepted to record and produce the CD, but also to help with arrangement, accompaniment, vocals, design, and layout. Besides this, he also contributed with one of his own songs, a bonus piece of this album.





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I am the happy grandmother of little Lily, to whom I dedicated this album called "Barnbarn-låtar" ("songs for grand children") on her second birthday. My artist name here is naturally Mormor (Grand mother).

     The songs on this CD are a mixure of traditional and more modern songs for children. They are all recorded, mixed and produced by me at my home studio, and mastered by Mick Arrow at Goldenhall Studio.






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AVATAR (2012)


I am happy to present to you this album, which is an extra ordinary project that I had with Mick Arrow during the last four years. Twelve avataras, twelve dramas presented in fifteen pieces. The duo Flower Power (Maria Kimdal and Mick Arrow) was specially formed for the AVATAR production, and compositions, arrangements and performances are all made by the two of us. Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Mick Arrow. To order the CD, contact by e-mail: info(at)mariakimdal.se





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This album was produced as a Christmas gift for my granddaughter Lily. It contains traditional and modern songs for small and big children. Just like the first album I made for her, Barnbarn-låtar, this one is recorded, mixed and produced in my home studio. Mick Arrow helped me with the mastering at his Guffa studio, in Härnösand.






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VINTERSJUNG is my third album with songs for children, dedicated to my beautiful granddaughter Lily. Since my last album was appreciated, I felt motivated to give it a try to make a new one this year, and it has been a pleasure to work on it. For a couple of months I have been working on this; arranging, recording, mixing and designing. Nice company in my studio have been my three sweet cats, who are very happy now that this adventure is over.
       I was bold enough to make some little change in the lyrics for the good purpose of pleasing my granddaughter, who by the way is my guest artist in one of the tracks. Special thanks to Mick Arrow for good advices, and for mastering the CD.






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RAZÓN DE SER is an album containing 14 Spanish songs, based on a beautiful poem by Atulananda Acharya. In 2008 I composed the first songs, and now, six years later, I have completed the album, which covers the major part of the large poem.
       The album is produced by myself at Studio Stillheten, Nyadal, Sweden. All songs are composed, arranged, performed, and mixed by me. Special thanks to Mikael Sjödin for advices and for mastering the CD.









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After Names Unlimited was composed, I was requested to make a musical composition for  twelve poems  about  twelve different avataras mentioned in the Indian puranas, and I promised to have a try on it. However, this project was more complicated than expected; a lot of editing and re-composing, and practical obstacles on the way.

     Fortunately, again I had the good opportunity to work with Mick Arrow, and in order to accomplish the project, we formed the FLOWER POWER duo. In December 2010, we released a single from the upcoming album AVATAR .




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There are some songs of mine, recorded as singles. Some of them might take part in future albums after being worked on - who knows - but so far they are simply songs recorded for certain occasions, and here on this site collected and presented as singles.

     Some songs are in English, some in Spanish, one song is in Swedish, and one in Sanskrit. Some of them are recorded at Mick Arrow's Studio, and some at my home studio.


  1. Breeze of Constant Carressing
  2. Gåtan
  3. Divine Grace
  4. Gloria a Tí
  5. Heart