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A New Day

Blues For An Angel

Breeze of Constant Caressing

Broken Mirror

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Post Festum



Return to Peace

The Leaf's Speach to the Wind

The Mystery








The Mystery


We are drifting in a mystery of stars at night
and the sky reflected in the dark waters
Life is a mystery of fellowship and warmth
Yet holding loneliness as well as cold


We are difting in a mystery of laughters and tears
of childhood and old age, of autumns and springs
Time is a mystery, sometimes it seems completely stopped
Sometimes moving quicker than man wants it to


We are living within a mystery of dreams and yearning
of dashed hopes and endless waiting
A mystery is the lap of day and night
a continuous search for the haven of Love


We are drifting in a mystery, captured by time
in the Kingdom of Duality we are fighting our battle
Life is a mystery where the answer is hidden
in what lies beyond all that we have dreamed


We are drifting in a mystery where all has an end
and where everything that was has a beginning again
Life is a mystery where all has to die
but death is also the seed of life


Copyright  2011  Maria Kimdal