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I am not bold enough to call myself a painter, since painting is not really my field of art. Neverthelsess I enjoy painting, and I happily share with you some work of mine here; mandalas and some water colour paintings. These simple paintings are merely the result of creativity for its own pleasure!


When I first started to paint mandalas, it was as a kind of therapy during a period when I had severe sleeping problems. I friend of mine gave me some models and explained me the idea of mandalas. Initially I printed out these models to paint on paper with fibre pens, coloured pencils and crayons. After some time I started to draw my own models and paint as computer art. Painting mandalas has really a very positive effect on me. It is a kind of meditation and very helpful for the mind; being in the present, focusing on the details, and at the same time having a vision.


Of course, this is the inherent power in all kind of art, in all creativity. It can be healing, evoke feelings, helping in mental and emotional progress, while creating.


 You are free to copy and print the eight models in the model gallery to try the joy of painting mandalas.



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