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                            Maria Kimdal







When I started to write poems in the late '80s, it was mainly as a means of therapy. A way to edit the mess in my head and let out the frustration, confusion, anger and sadness I was carrying inside of me. And it was effective. I had found a new language, and thus I let the creativity flow and I continued to compose with words, and happily published some of my work later on.


Words, just like Music and other Arts, can work as commercial ways to financial profit, but can also be so much more. Words is an instrument for the thought and a means of communication between people in our world of today, and also between people in different ages of time. True art, in all its different forms of expressions, is that art which affects us. My hope is that something of what I have written, will affect someone in this world. The poem is born in the poet's heart, and if it occurs that the words, after having flickered through the cyberspaces, finally land in someone's heart, then the words were not written in vain.


Most of my poetry is written in Swedish, but several are in English as well, and a few in Spanish. Click below to read a selection of published and unpublished poems