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In 1976 I was admitted to study music at Mellansels Folkhögskola. A great time in my life for personal and musical growth. I studied basic theory of music and learned guitar, flute, singing, piano, composition,, organ and directing. Three years later I went to Örebro Musikhögskola for further music studies, and there I got my Masters of Fine Arts in 1983. The same year I got my first job as a music teacher.


But life is so much more than a professional career, and a few years later I was already a mother of three wonderful children. By and by I decided to develope another old passion of mine - languages. Thus I returned to the university for further studies in Swedish and Spanish.


During that time I wanted to find new ways of expressing myself, like painting and writing poetry.







My childhood was stamped by music, since my father was a  jazz musician, playing the saxophone in different bands. At the age of seven I learned to play my first instrument, a recorder. However, I did not develop skills for this instrument at that time. I was more skilled in drawing and painting.


During my teenage years I started to sing and play the guitar, and for several years I sang choirs and performed with bands, mainly in churches and religiously related events.   



                                                   Mellansel Transfer


For some years I was an active member of Umenejdens Skrivareförening, a society of writers from northern Sweden. I worked with our magazine Skrivlustan, where several of my poems were also published. In later years I again turned to music, now with influences from Indian philosophy. My new compositions were appreciated and I was encouraged to record my songs.


In 2007 I had the good fortune to get in touch with musician and producer Mick Arrow, who recorded and produced my first album, NAMES UNLIMITED, which was released the same year. My artist name at that time was Manah-siksa Devi Dasi. The collaboration with Mick continued, and the two of us formed a duo - Flower Power - for the album AVATAR (released in 2012).


 Mormor is my present artist name, due to the three albums (2011, 2012 and 2013) with children songs, dedicated to my granddaughter.


 All  art work on these pages are hobby projects, but nevertheless fully dedicated to the fine arts, with blood, sweat and tears!




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